The Changes in Car Leasing: From Electric Vehicles to Adaptive Contracts

Κόκκινο αυτοκίνητο πάνω σε 2 χέρια που μοιάζει σαν να το προσφέρουν σε κάποιον.

The Changes in Car Leasing: From Electric Vehicles to Adaptive Contracts

The area of leasing has undergone significant changes in recent years, responding to the needs of the modern car and sustainable mobility. Motorlease, with its successful course in the field, is one of the companies that has played a decisive role in this development.

Let’s take a look at the main changes that have happened when it comes to car leasing.

1. The evolution towards electric vehicles: With the increasing prevalence of environmental challenges and emission restrictions, leasing has become more focused on electric cars. Motorlease, for example, has expanded its model range, having included electric vehicle options in its off-the-shelf car fleet. In this way, it helps its customers to reduce their emissions and travel costs, contributing to the environmental goal of reducing CO emissions. The integration of ESG strategies is implemented at Motorlease, guided by best practices in the field of reducing the environmental footprint.
2. Flexibility in contract duration: In the past, leasing contracts had a specific duration, usually three to five years. However, Motorlease now offers flexible contracts that allow customers to choose the length that best suits their needs, from a few months to several years. Thus, you enjoy the leasing services for as long as you wish!
3. Digital innovation and personalized service: Technology has invaded the leasing space, making processes more immediate and simple. Motorlease has invested in digital platforms that allow its customers to choose the car they want online and proceed with an online request of interest in order to acquire the vehicle they are interested in. In addition, the personalized service of each customer is equally important as there are issues that need immediate resolution such as service, the issuance of a green card, etc. At Motorlease you will always find an expert on the issue you are concerned with in order to find together the right solution for your car, offering you immediate guidance and more flexibility.
4. Vehicle care services: Motorlease provides extensive vehicle care services. This means that customers can take advantage of maintenance, tire changes, cleaning, and other services that help maintain the vehicle’s smooth running and reliability.

5. Motorlease-Adaptive contracts: The provision of adaptive contracts allows customers to change the type of vehicle or the number of vehicles during the contract, depending on their needs.
6. Pickup and delivery services: Motorlease covers every need of its customers for those who enjoy the privileges of time leasing. We take care of the immediate pickup and delivery of your car throughout its stay at the workshop. The Motorlease team collects your vehicle from your premises, delivers it to the workshop and once the technical inspection is completed, we return it to your premises. We completely manage all the processes required to ensure you have what it takes to save you time and money!

In summary, car leasing has undergone significant changes in recent years, adapting its services to technological developments and customer needs. Motorlease, as a pioneer in this field, continues to evolve and offer innovative solutions that help its customers manage their cars efficiently and adapt to changes in the automotive industry.

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