Heat and car "go together"

H εικόνα παουσιάζει ένα αυτοκίνητο mini cooper μπλε χρώματος και αριστερά του απεικονίεται ένα θερμόμετρο. Αριστερά και δεξιά από το όχημα και το θερμόμετρο αναφέρονται 4 tips για το τι θα πρέπει να προσέξει κανείς στο όχημά του κατά τη διάρκεια του καύσωνα.

Heat and car “go together”
See how to protect your vehicle during hot days

In the summer months there is a strong phenomenon of high temperatures which makes it difficult for drivers when they are on the move. The heat very often affects the proper operation of the car as it causes significant damage to the interior of the vehicle as well. To avoid damage to your car due to overheating, read below what actions help protect it.

Follow some basic tips to protect your vehicle on hot days:

  1. When starting the car, open all the windows and the air conditioning. The operation of the air-conditioner with the simultaneous opening of the windows helps to release the hot air inside the car and the desired temperature is more easily achieved. Also, energy and fuel consumption is significantly reduced.
  2. Do not choose too low a temperature in the air conditioner (ideal temperature 23-25 degrees Celsius). It is necessary to mention that the airways should not come into direct contact with the bodies of the passengers as muscle injuries may occur. (cooling, etc.)
  3. Close the air-condition switch 2′-3′ before turning off the engine. It is important to stop the operation of the air-conditioner by leaving the fan open in order to clear the air ducts of cold air, without droplets remaining inside them. (liquefaction phenomenon) that cause bad odors inside the vehicle.
  4. Place sunshades on the vehicle’s windshield, dashboard, and steering wheel to reduce heat immediately. By installing special shades, you avoid the sun’s rays and keep the interior of the car at as low a temperature as possible.
  5. Check the temperature of your vehicle regularly. Carry out regular checks on the level of the cooling system fluid reservoir. Frequent vigilance regarding your vehicle’s temperature rise can prevent serious mechanical damage.

During hot weather, be sure to park your vehicle in shady and cool places to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, which quickly increases the temperature of your car.

Do not wait for the thermometer to “reach the heights”. Get your vehicle serviced right away and improve its performance!

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