Extension of the program "Move Electric 2"

Extension of the program “Move Electric 2”

On November 27, 2023, decision number 358265 titled “Amendment of the details under YPEN/ATI/70517/238/7.7.2022 joint decision of the Ministers of Finance, Environment and Energy, and Infrastructure and Transport ‘Call for Action MOVE ELECTRIC – 2nd cycle’ (B’ 3981)” was published.

With this amendment, the second cycle of the “Move Electric” Program is extended until April 30, 2024, and the deadline for submitting applications will be announced on the websites of the Ministry and the program (Article 2).

According to the decision:

  • The budget of the action is increased to 65 million euros, with the possibility of transferring unused funds between vehicle categories.
  • A deadline of 45 days is set for the beneficiary to submit a vehicle order form, with the payment of a down payment or a leasing agreement with a down payment.
    The regulation concerns applications that have already been approved and included or will be included in an affiliation decision. It is noted that in case of non-submission of the above, the application will be rejected and the subsidy amount will be released.Attention: the deadline of forty (45) days also applies to the beneficiaries, whose applications have been included in affiliation decisions that have already been issued, but a request to complete the act has not been submitted on their behalf until 28/11/2023. For the aforementioned beneficiaries, the above period of forty-five (45) days starts from the entry into force of the present, from today.
  • The time frame for completing the purchase of an electric vehicle is reduced from 12 to 8 months from the date of inclusion in the program.

The entire decision was published in the Government Gazette B’ 6700/27.11.2023. The relevant article is available on the website of STEEAE:

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