Car Care in Preparation for Summer

Χέρια που επισκυάουν μια μηχανή αυτοκινήτου.

As we approach the most beautiful time of the year for most of us, summer, it is good to remember what we need to take care of in our cars to ensure comfortable and, most importantly, safe journeys. Since summers in Greece are long, if we start organizing our plans now, we will avoid unwanted damages and have better control over our expenses.

The triad of air conditioning, tires, and cooling system is what one should focus on. If, when turning on the air conditioner at the lowest setting, only cool air comes out, then it will be necessary to check the refrigerant, which is the simplest maintenance task. It is also a good idea to inspect the hoses for possible leaks, as the air conditioner has been inactive for a long period of time and the rubber seals may have dried out, resulting in greater refrigerant loss. Along with checking the air conditioner, it is advisable to inspect the cabin filter since it accumulates all atmospheric pollutants such as dust, pollen, debris, and more. Apart from causing an unpleasant odor inside the cabin, it can also pose risks of allergies. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the filter and clean it with compressed air at least twice a year.

With the increase in temperature, tire pressure is also affected, so systematic air measurement is necessary (let’s not forget the spare tire). Finally, when checking the engine, we always remember to top up the oils and coolant, as their lack or aging can cause serious damage to the engine, especially during summer when everything expands due to high temperatures.

For the meticulous ones, we also recommend installing sun protection films on the windows, which protect the cabin and passengers from the hot sun rays and help maintain a comfortable temperature inside. According to the legislation, window films are allowed on the rear side windows and rear windshield, while for the driver and passenger doors, the minimum light transmission coefficient has been determined at 70%.

Equally effective is placing a sunshade on the front windshield, which allows the driver to touch the steering wheel more easily after the car has been parked under the sun for hours. Similarly, when possible, covering the windshield wipers can protect their rubber blades from the hot sun that dries them out and damages them.

And now that we are ready, it’s time to start exploring the most beautiful country in the world, where we are fortunate to live and enjoy.

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