Buying a used car: A smart choice!

Buying a used car: A smart choice!

Buying a used car is now a smart and economical choice for everyone.
The sharp increase in prices in the new car market makes used vehicles an attractive opportunity for those looking for reliable transportation at an affordable price.

At the same time, buying a used car gives us the opportunity, for the same money, to drive a superior (class, equipment) car in relation to the one we would buy new.

Whether it is a midsize car, a commercial van or a luxury large displacement vehicle, it is better to exhaust all possibilities of buying a well-maintained used vehicle before making the purchase of a new one. In addition to the different models, makes, and years that one needs to know, it is essential that every buyer checks the vehicle’s maintenance, accident history, and the authenticity of the actual mileage before purchasing a used vehicle. So, since buying a used car has many points that one needs to pay attention to, it is necessary to buy it from someone who knows and trusts!

At Motorlease, selling used cars is a specialty. Over time, we make sure that buying a used car is the safest option for you, without surprises and with great flexibility of financing programs.

Motorlease is a leasing company with years of experience in its history, which offers the advantage of selling cars from only 1 owner. We stock a wide variety of used cars giving you a wide range of options. The used vehicles in our fleet are:

  • 1st hand “like new”
  • From a Greek delegation
  • With full service history
  • With a mileage guarantee
  • Capable of lending in any way (e.g. promissory notes, installments, cash, bank loan, advance, etc.)
  • Stored in specially designed areas to protect them from natural wear and tear
  • No government charges

No one would want to buy a used vehicle without a quality guarantee and inspection. At Motorlease you will have direct communication and technical support for your vehicle and with a financial plan “tailored to you”.

If you are unfamiliar with the used market then let the experts guide you to the right vehicle for you! Trust Motorlease and get the car you’ve always wanted! Visit our website to find the ideal option for your needs while staying within your budget.

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