Cars alert us when they need care. All you need to do is:
a. stay informed about the vehicle care process here.
b. send an email to as soon as the indicator lights up on your dashboard

Note: Usually, cars with conventional gasoline or diesel engines need maintenance by the end of the 1st year of use and after that, at certain mileage defined by the manufacturer.

At Motorlease, we select specific workshops that have passed our strict requirements and with which we have entered into an agreement for the proper maintenance of your car. For your convenience, we have a pick-up-and-delivery service from and to your preferred location.

Tire replacement is provided due to normal wear. It is usually required every 45K kilometers. This service is covered by us and is performed only in authorized workshops. All you need to do is to inform us via email to

Cars undergo a KTEO inspection after the first 4 years of their life and thereafter, every 2 years. KTEO inspection is NOT included in the lease and is, therefore, the lessee’s responsibility.

We recommend that you check your car’s oil level and don’t ignore any noises or indications that appear on the dashboard.

We recommend you purchase fuel from gas stations that are “known” to you.

If you own a modern diesel car, you surely know that next to the fuel filler socket, there is another one. This is where we top up AdBlue, the liquid that helps reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. Therefore, it is important to add AdBlue whenever required.

As soon as the light on the dashboard of your car that calls for service is turned on, immediately send an email to, so that there is enough time to schedule your appointment, stating:
a. your car registration number
b. the kilometers traveled, and
c. observations/remarks about the car that you would like to be considered during the service.

Car accidents occur often. If there is no serious injury, the rest is a matter of simple procedures.

Remember: Do not acknowledge any third-party claims. Refrain from giving money to another person or signing any document.

Additional steps after a car crash:
Drive your car only if you are sure it is safe. Otherwise, contact Roadside Assistance* and take it to the nearest Motorlease Technical Support Centre.

*For roadside assistance, Motorlease collaborates with Europ Assistance, the leading care and assistance company for over 50 years.

In any case, fill out the Accident Report and email it to the Claims Department at:

In the event of damage to your vehicle or a traffic accident, call Generali Accident Care** on 18112 or 210 8096100.

*For accident care, Motorlease collaborates with Generali, an established company in the insurance market, able to meet even the most specialized insurance requirements of the time.

Of course. In the event of an accident or car damage, Motorlease will take care of replacing your car.

If you discover that your car has been stolen, you should follow the next steps:

• You immediately contact the Motorlease Claims Department on 210 6897100 to report the incident in detail

• It is necessary to record and report the theft to the Police Department of the area where it happened

• You request a copy of your report from the police

• You report the incident to Motorlease in writing within 24 hours. You hand over the key and a copy of the report from the Police Department in person.